Building Specifications

Purlin Punching Position (from top of purlin)


Roofing Scope

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The contractor shall furnish all materials, labour and equipment for the installation of the SafeBridge® system where indicated and specified.


All Ausmesh SafeBridge® safety wire shall be in the following width so that it fits between the purlins and lays on top of the SafeBridge bridging pieces.

• SB 600 (600mm wide)
• SB 900 (900mm wide)
• SB 1200 (1200 mm wide)
• SB 1350 (1350 mm wide)

Safety wire is to be installed to manufacturers recommendations and AS/NZ 4389 2015  and SafeBridge® design guide (see under installation guide).

CSR Bradford Thermal Break Tape is to be installed to the top face of all purlins to create a minimum R0.2 thermal break as per requirement of BCA Section J1.2.

All insulation shall be CSR Bradford Anticon SB _________, thickness ________mm and material R-Value Rm ________ (Insert Anticon SB type, thickness and material R-Value).  The Anticon SB will be faced with 730 Medium Duty facing foil , the Anticon SB width will be calculated to fit between the purlins (check structural steel drawings for purlin spacing’s) and achieve the Total R-Value of Rt3.2 to meet the requirements of BCA Section J1.2.

CSR Bradford SB Anticon to be installed between purlins with comply to BCA Section J1.2 requirements and SafeBridge® design guide at (see details). Roof, gutter and flashing in accordance with AS1562.1 1992  – and SafeBridge® design guide (see

For information regarding SafeBridge® insulation, contact your local CSR Bradford representative, Ed Hanley (07) 3883 6610, Mario Hurst  0411 706 708, or Josh Ashkar on 0421 775 060.


The contractor shall furnish all materials, labour and equipment for the installation of the SafeBridge system where indicated and specified.


For Architects, Structural Engineers, Purlin Detailers, & Steel Fabricators

All Metroll purlin spacing shall be*:

• 610mm • 910mm • 1210mm • 1360mm

* to accommodate safety wire dimensions and insulation dimensions to achieve BCA/NCC Section J requirements.

All Metroll Purlins will be:

• 150mm • 200mm • 250mm • 300mm • 400mm (Z, C and Facia Purlins)

SB Bridge Bars – Every 1500mm or less – Height determined by Total R-Value as calculated by – CSR Bradford

SB Stabiliser Bracket – 3.0m intervals or less

Buildex SB Screws – Supplied by Metroll

Metroll purlins and SB bridging will be installed to meet dimensional requirements of AS/NZ 4600. SB bridging will be installed to Metroll purlin detail of 1500mm centers or less but not limited to all rakes for safety wire support to AS/NZ4389.1996 or as detailed at

SB bridging to be fixed at 3 locations at ends and middle of each bridging piece using Buildex SB 12×20 Tek screws (supplied with Metroll SB purlins and SB bridging).

SB Bridging installation to be fixed with 2 – 12×20 Buildex Tek screws at each location point in SB roofing details 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 (see website).

For information regarding the SafeBridge® roofing system, contact Belinda Abbley  0459 900 877 or technical support Mario Hurst  0411 706 708.