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SafeBridge – The Safest Choice for Roofing Insulation

Recent amendments to BCA/NCC Section J have significantly affected the use of roofing insulation systems. Previously, compression of roofing insulation installed over the purlins was permitted when the roof sheeting material was fastened to the purlin. Under the new requirements, this practice is no longer permitted and the insulation material must now maintain its design thickness throughout the roof space. The traditional solution? Install spacers and elevate the roof sheet above the purlins. However, this method can cause productivity delays and – more importantly – introduce critical safety issues:


  1. The purlins remain hidden from view by the insulation material, leaving installation workers to guess the purlin placement.
  2. Workers must stand on very small foot areas during installation, and the body position required to install the spacers can be very tiring.
  3. The installed spacers become tripping and cutting hazards during roof sheeting installation.
  4. Installing safety catch nets is a tedious process often resulting in inadequate placement, creating serious hazards that can cause injury or death.

Utilising the existing purlin depth and spacing, SafeBridge can satisfy stringent insulation requirements without adding to the roof height. The SafeBridge components (Bridge Bar, Safety Mesh, Insulation Blanket) are installed parallel to the purlins.SafeBridge eliminates these hazards and streamlines roof insulation to bring significant time and cost savings to your construction project! These components can be installed very quickly in comparison to traditonal methods.The roof purlins remain visible after installation, so installation workers are provided with visible, structurally sound footing areas. Furthermore, no spacers need to be added to the purlins, eliminating the trip and cut hazards. As no foreign components are added to the roof structure, there is no impact on wind rating, product warranties, etc. SafeBridge has received a number of industry awards in recognition of its contribution to safer workplace standards: