SafeBridge Brochure Download
Presentation Download
Fact Sheet Download
Frequently Asked Questions Download

Construction Details

Installation Guide Download
SafeBridge Detailing Drawings (PDF) Download
SafeBridge Detailing Drawings (CAD) Download
Keep Off the Purlins Download
Engineering Report – Rotation Stabilisation Download
Engineering Report – Bridging and Mesh Download
Engineering Report – Load Capacity Tables Download

Construction Documents

Work Method Statement Download
Bridging Installation Download
Purlin Punching Position Download
Mesh Sign Off Download

Roofing Details

1 – Ridge Cap Download
2 – Roof Expansion Download
3 – Box Gutter Download
4 – Hip Valley Download
5 – Translucent Fixing Download
6 – Translucent Sheet Download
7 – Valley with Raking Download
8 – Valley Detail Download
9 – Raking Fascia Download
10 – Raking Wall Download
11 – Box Gutter Download
12 – Fascia Detail Download
13a – Bent Bridging Tabs Download
13b – Bent Bridging Tabs Download
14 – Stabilizer Bracket Download
15 – Purlin Stabilizer Bracket Download
16 – Typical Set Out Download
17 – Key from Cleat Download
18 – Purlin Lap Download
19 – Penetration Detail Download
All Roofing Details (zip file) Download

Purlin Calculations

Purlin Calculation Tables  *Macros need to be opened and enabled to run all functions within this excel file Download