Metroll Purlins-Bridging Insulation System

SafeBridge Roof Insulation System

SafeBridge is an innovative, award-winning roof insulation system that can be adapted to almost any Commercial or Industrial roof structure. Fully compliant with the current requirements of BCA Section J, SafeBridge utilises the existing purlin space to provide energy efficient roof insulation without compromising roof height, wind rating or structural integrity. Architects can specify SafeBridge in their designs with the confidence that their project will meet the latest building standards for thermal efficiency. Installing SafeBridge is also much faster than traditional roof insulation and eliminates many common safety hazards. Builders and Developers have found that SafeBridge is the roof insulation system of choice for significant time and cost savings on their project. Roofing contractors, riggers and steel fixers have come to appreciate the reduced installation time, lower labour cost and significantly reduced safety risk associated with using SafeBridge roof insulation. SafeBridge uses the highest quality components developed by Metroll, Bradford Insulation, ITW Buildex and Australian Mesh, and is only available when used with these components. SafeBridge is the roof insulation system of choice for cost effectiveness, high-performance and safe installation.

Why Choose SafeBridge?

SafeBridge is an industry-acclaimed, award-winning safety solution for roof insulation. SafeBridge was a winner in the 2010 Queensland Work Safe Awards, and won the Category 2A Award in the 2011 NSCA National Safety Awards of Excellence. SafeBridge has been developed in conjunction with Metroll Building Products, CSR Bradford, Australian Mesh and ITW Buildex.

BCA Section J Compliance and ICANZ Certification

SafeBridge has been engineered to meet the latest energy requirements of BCA/NCC Section J and has been ratified by ICANZ – the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand.

Cost savings of up to 30%

With cost savings of up to 30% and no impact on existing roof design, SafeBridge adds no additional or foreign components to the roof structure, thus it has no impact on the roof’s Structural Integrity and/or Wind Rating . It also has no affect on other product warranties. SafeBridge provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to the internal ceiling. Depending on the application, SafeBridge can save up to 30% cost on the roof structure compared to other Section J compliant roof insulation methods.

Simple Installation

SafeBridge does not raise the roof deck from the purlins, and the SafeBridge trolley has been developed to assist with pulling the wire. SafeBridge is traditionally laid and therefore less time is spent laying the roof sheeting. The safety wire and insulation components are cradled within the purlins, hence leaving the purlins visible as a working surface/footing area.

Full Documentation

The SafeBridge system comes complete with Work Method Statement


Safebridge Installation Guide